Exceptional Intimate Companionship

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I am warm hearted and talented in the intimate art of body and soul care

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. This could be the very beginning of our special connection we will create together. It is my intention that with what I share about myself here, you will be able to get a good sense of who I am and the quality of companionship I offer. If after reading you find yourself particularly interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and tell me a bit about yourself. It is important to me that I am given a good sense of who you are too. Let us spark our connection into this adventure we call life; we only get to live it once!


I offer exceptional intimate companionship in the lovely city of Montréal as well as all across Canada by request.


I am here for you if you desire a sensuous interlude with someone who is grounded, a good listener, mature, an easy conversationalist and caring in nature. I am deeply considerate of what it takes to build and share in true intimacy that creates a soothing and safe place for your soul.

I would love the opportunity to get to know you while cooking together and sharing a delicious meal or trying out a local restaurant. We could explore the city together or attend a show. I have a vast taste for the arts. I am a fan of symphonies, opera, dance, concerts, Cirque du Soleil, movies, theatre and I even play a few musical instruments myself. I completely adore animals. My favourite daily activity is walking my dog Marlo or cuddling up with him while I study.

Behind closed doors you will find that I completely adore touch, especially with a partner who seeks to become attuned to the language of my body and truly connect.


Physical closeness, caressing, cuddling and cultivating intimacy is something that happens quite naturally for me, complete right down to those awkward and silly moments that will have us both giggling as we relax into each others company.

In my down time I am studying to become a certified somatics practitioner. I am a student of somatic sexology, somatic therapy and bodywork. I travel all over Canada to attend trainings on various topics of interest within the field and I also take online classes. I am establishing myself in this exciting field and completely enamoured by all that I am learning and the incredible people I have befriended along the way.


I have picked up some massage skills that I love to put to good use and practice at any opportunity. Please don’t be shy to ask me for a massage, it is truly my pleasure to offer you one at any time during our visit.


I love massaging and almost always carry oil with me for just this purpose. I even have a massage table available at my place if ever you should find yourself over *wink wink*.

My desire is to create relaxing, sensuous and soothing space for us to share and my intention is that you will feel able to completely unwind, let go and relish in some mental, emotional and physical nourishment during our time together. I am both tender and wild hearted.


I believe we are all desirable and deserving in our capacity for ecstatic human connections that will leave us in a warm, glowing haze of endorphins.


It is always incredible to me the expanding pleasure that our human bodies and minds are capable of experiencing and sharing. You come to me at your core and I shall bring the same. Together we create a space where we are accepted and the perfect reason to bare ourselves and explore.


My preferred introductory date is a 4 hour dinner+private date, however I understand completely if that isn't doable within your schedule or budget.

I do not drink alcohol whatsoever for health reasons but I love sparkling water and kombucha. I am also not above drinking tap water. We are very fortunate to have access to clean drinking water.

I prefer healthy or vegan food but I am flexible and love to indulge.

I will be giddy with joy if you bring me macarons or cupcakes.

I much prefer vanilla over chocolate.

Yes, I would absolutely love a spa day with or without you!

My favourite lingerie designers are Agent Provocateur and Bordelle.

For the love of god, please use mouthwash after you eat and before you kiss me.

I prefer to meet men and women who are 30+

You are never too old for me. I am happy to get to know you.

I am a queer and trans friendly companion. I am happy to use any pronouns you prefer and to refer to your body as you wish.

I welcome people with disabilities and would love to make our time together completely accessible for you.

I won't mind your body hair whatsoever, I find beards to be very attractive.

Your race and ethnicity is not a factor in my screening. There is no need to mention your whiteness or ask if I am ok with your not whiteness.

I am confident about my height (5'9") and don't mind at all if you are shorter than me.

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