Frequently Asked Questions

Age 30s

Height 5'10"

Weight 160lbs

Bra Size 36D

Panty Size Medium

Shoe Size 8.5

Hair Colour Thick and natural silky brunette

Drinking/Smoking I don't drink or smoke

Name Tori is my real name. Feel free to call me either Tori, Toria or Jezebel. I used to go by Jezebel Valentine for many years but now I prefer to just use my real first name which is a short form for Victoria. No one really calls me Victoria these days besides my mother and father.

Hobbies I play guitar, keyboard and melodica. Apart from that I enjoy spending time with my Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua Marlo, cycling, dancing, Qi Gong and yoga. I am also in training to become a somatic bodyworker.

Astrological Sign Pisces

Personality I am a very tender hearted and empathetic person. I enjoy listening and offering amusing conversation. I am not the type of gal who seeks to be impressed by someone's outer shell; I have seen and shared intimacy with all sorts and I have come to understand that the best experiences happen when a deeper connection is made.  I love to listen and there is no topic that is too difficult for me as long as it is within a respectful context. I also enjoy lighter conversation. I absolutely LOVE to laugh and find humour to be a great way to ease into a connection.  Don't be shocked if I do something completely dorky during our time together and then laugh at myself for it. I am a lot more quirky than you are probably expecting. I am much more of an introvert than an extravert.

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